Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Do's and Dont's

* The positive do's of social networking is simple.. having a "clean" name on the Internet could land you the job of a lifetime, and give you the right people to talk to that could lead into starting your own business or expanding an existing one.

*Having an upbeat, friendly, nice, manner, professionally as well as social, will help into demonstrating how well your demeaner is. For instance, if someone is "bashing" someone else's name, then that really doesn't say much for that individual.

*You get to talk to people, relatives from other states, regions, countries.


*This will decrease the possibility of getting a job.

*If you know of a certain person with a not so good reputation, because you associate with this person, you are labeled "bad" as well.

* Pictures may get on the Internet, that are for your use only. Repairing your reputation to where it should be will be extremely difficult.

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